CMG registration

All research projects that process personal data must be registered according to the privacy law. Without CMG number, the study cannot be submitted to the METc.

Registration must be done with the Data protection officer of your organization.

  • Registration of VUmc projects start by visiting this VUmc intranet page. This page provides additional information and leads to the “Centraal Meldpunt Gegevensbescherming.”
  • Registration of AMC projects starts by visiting this AMC intranet page  and downloading the form “aanmelding gegevensverwerking”
  • Registration of VU projects starts by an email to:

  • Data protection officer VUmc: Dr. M. Paardekooper: 
  • Data protection officer AMC: M. Inge: 
  • Data protection officers VU: mr. Petra Tolen  and mr. Tom Paffen