This Handbook was originally made available online in 2003 and was named EMGO Quality Handbook. This body of work is built over the past years by researchers and staff of VU, VUmc, AMC and UvA.

Technological development: Basic Orange 

Design: GeertjeMarije Takkenberg  & Basic Orange 

Editors: Youssef el Ghouch, Simone van der Riet, GeertjeMarije Takkenberg, Danielle van der Laan, Evelien de Boer, Seta Jahfari

Project Leader: Seta Jahfari

Commissioned by: APH Directors; Prof. dr. Martine de Bruijne, Dr. Dionne Kringos and Prof. dr. Carlo Schuengel.

With special thanks to Dr. Michel Paardekooper and all the authors, reviewers and contributors over the years. We also would like to thank all the members of APH Scientific Quality Committee and EMGO Quality Committee.