Scientific integrity

Scientific Integrity

In the past couple of years, scientific integrity gained popularity among researchers. In order to consistently promote, facilitate and ensure conduction of scientific research according to the principles of conduct for research integrity in and across the University Medical Centers in Amsterdam, a joint Research Code was established on behalf of the Executive Boards of the Academic Medical Center (AMC) and VU University medical center (VUmc). Click here for the full text or the PDF of the Research Code VUmc-AMC.
Netherlands Research Integrity Network (NRIN) is a network of people interested in and working on research integrity. Click here to go to the website of NRIN. This website provides, articles, news, activities, books, videos and teaching materials about research integrity. Links to codes and guidelines are displayed as well.
We highly recommend you to check these websites. In case you suspect somebody of scientific misconduct, it is important to ring a bell. Contact the confidential mediator (‘vertrouwenspersoon’) for scientific integrity of your institution:
Click here for VU and VUmc confidential mediators
Click here for AMC confidential mediators


In case you suspect calamities within the research institute of APH, it is highly important to ring a bell. Make sure to realize that you do this to help out yourself or others, instead of waiting.
Examples would include:
  • Data breaches (a “datalek”): immediately contact your supervisor and immediately call the data protection officer of your organization:
VUmc: Michel Paardekooper
VU: Petra Tolen or Tom Paffen
AMC: Marleen Inge
Immediate action is needed to determine if the breach must be notified to the data protection authority

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